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Mel Starks

You can also pick up STD kits from many local department stores that cell other items like condom, lubricants, etc. The only downside to that is many feel uncomfortable purchasing such items in person.

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Hey Julie Springer..You said right. I almost agree with your statement. But it is pretty good to know that you have tried to communicate with young adult and tried to reach the young minds. Thanks for blogging. I appreciate your ideas..

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I think the 'YouNeverReallyKnow' website is a fantastic idea. The key to reaching young minds is new media.

Julie Springer

Bruce, actually STDtestExpress and YouNeverReallyKnow both involve physician-approved test orders facilitated through a third-party Tele-medicine partner. And, if a patient tests positive for an STD - a consultation with a licensed physician is included in the price! Thanks for blogging about us - we're pretty excited about what we're able to offer these patients.

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