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this is cool..

Brian Jackson


I agree that pharmacies as health centers is a concept worth keeping an eye on. Also consider the evolving professional status of pharmacists. When my father was the pharmacy director for a large hospital back in the 70's/80's, his was a back office function: receive orders for drugs and fill them. And the innovations he developed were for the purpose of filling the orders more efficiently.

Today, though, pharmacists and pharmacies have moved beyond efficiency to clinical effectiveness. Pharmacists participate in ICU teams, review medication orders to identify more effective and cost effective therapies, and play leadership roles on P&T committees to set and enforce policies.

In sum, pharmacists today have more visible clinical impact than most MD clinical pathologists. I think there's a big opportunity there for pathologists that many of us are leaving on the table. We need to engage with our local medical staffs, share our diagnostic expertise and create diagnostics oversight committees akin to P&T committees. Simply being good scientists and giving medical direction to our clinical labs is not enough.

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