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Greg Ellcessor

"Let’s hope this is not a foretelling of the future of Obamacare"

I'm not sure what you meant by this. Did you mean that this bill has the same language and goals of Obama's healthcare bill? I'm not a huge fan of Obama's affordable care act (I'm a staunch supporter of a single-payer healthcare system where everyone has a general unified plan covered completely under the umbrella of Medicaid, everyone in, nobody out) but it does expand the Medicaid program in all states that choose to accept it, which means a lot more money being put into the healthcare industry, with less overhead going to CEOs and being payed out to shareholders (Medicaid is a non-profit system with exponentially less overhead than health insurance companies). I just don't get your link to the Massachusettes governer slashing medical spending to Obama's health care bill. Please explain your connection...

Ajit Alles

While it may not be final the answer, it will certainly stir the pot and get physicians and hospitals to acknowledge that business as usual cannot continue.

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