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Radiology BIlling

Thanks for sharing this. We've just been learning about radiology billing at college so it's nice to stay up on the latest. Do you have any suggestions?

Jonathan Oppenheimer, MD, FCAP

Commercial opportunists swoop in when excess profits are to be made. Take out the excess profits and the opportunists will search elsewhere for investment opportunities, leaving Medicine in the hands of physicians and non-profit philanthropic, religious, and govermental organizations whose first obligation is to the Patient. If profit margins decrease to the point where Corporate and Wall Street incentives disappear, then the physicians and the organizations whose first obligation is to Patients (rather than investors) will find it easier to realize their purpose.


"Biopsy cores" is not the same thing as "Biopsy sites".

There is no universal edict that says all 12 cores have to be separately labeled and put in their own container. Many practices utilize 6 containers, 2 cores per container. The clinical difference is negligible.

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