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Today health monitoring device plays an important role in heathcare sector. Many physicians are now using these device in different countries..

Nees Perryman

This new Smartphone apps wowed me much!Imagine ECG testing, ultrasound scanners, and lab analyzers such as glucometers and pulse oximeters in the phone? This must be perfect! I'm sure the many would benefit these new apps.

Android App Development

Hey, it really looks fantastic to know that criteria of phones are really expanding day by day. Such types of application development are the best of features for the human kind. It's really one of stunning featured source to know the importance of the mobile app development for health.

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The latest generation of smartphones are increasingly viewed as handheld computers rather than as phones, due to their powerful on-board computing capability, capacious memories, large screens and open operating systems that encourage application development. This paper provides a brief state-of-the-art overview of health and healthcare smartphone apps (applications) on the market today, including emerging trends and market uptake.
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Smartphones are transforming many aspects of healthcare and public health. Authors of a recent systematic review[5] proposed a conceptual framework to classify, evaluate, and further guide mobile electronic device interventions. Apps for healthcare professionals are available for medical education, medical records, test result notification, disease monitoring, and clinical decision support systems. Apps developed for patients include appointment reminders, disease management tools, treatment programs, and medical adherence aids. General-population apps include acute care management (first aid) and very popular apps for health behavior change. More innovative uses of smartphones are those for telemedicine projects, data collection in research, and public health interventions.

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