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Well from the nerd side here as far as quality of the product I will say Epic in my opinion is better as far as user experiences and was just managed better and yes they get their price because of that. They kept all their code writing in house and under serious control which for functionality is good thing and from what I understand now too the product will be hosted on a cloud which is also something new for Epic as well.

Allscripts grew by acquisition and a couple years ago they lied about their code being done to shareholders and it cost the CEO his job and they had to get Microsoft to help them integrate the software from the company, Eclypsis they bought. So from a nerd standpoint Epic is much better written product but they do get their price.

CEO Judy wrote the original code and knows her stuff versus the CEOs that Allscripts have that are just CEOs if you will by comparison. They are all big corporations though for sure. When the agreement was announced with Allscripts that was about the time the lies about the code were taking place too so they were not ready to jump in as it evolved for several months but they still had about a year to do something after the code was fixed but again the lies told to shareholders kind of cooked their goose for a while.

The home brew software was a version of e-clinical works which is a smaller but good medical records system too so really who knows. They are out there in pretty big numbers but not nearly as large as these two. Usually the product from Epic though is pretty solid by comparison so I am guessing their "cloud" hosting is what made the big difference here with the selection.

The PACS Designer

I couldn't agree more with the tone of this post and see Pharmacy partnerships with EHR vendors as a non-aligned strategy. Each has their own reasons to be in this partnership, and each have different views about the future direction for new jointly developed solutions. This partnership reminds me of the failed Philips Medical(now Philips Healthcare)/Epic partnership that failed due to the radically different cultures that each of them brought to the negotiating table at their startup.

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