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Don't hold your breath on the FTC, I write to them frequently, a lawyer there and they are gutless. Even 60 minutes did some coverage on them and yeah the head of the FTC says it got away from us. Here's both of their data seller stories. Steve Kroft just shakes his head.


In addition there' no due dilligence when one buys another in the data seller business. Look at this and we still don't know the full outcome but the Secret Service had to tell Experian along with their company purchase they bought an operating thief too who lied about who he was, did over 3 million queries and sold data to over 1300 accounts he had.


We don't have an index which would in the form of buying a license to identify all who sell data and you need to go beyond just the brokers as look at health insurers like United, making tons of money selling data. They have been doing it for years and there's folks out there like 3-Scoring that sits under the radar.

My campaign for the las 3 years is to require all data sellers to buy a license and disclose what kind of data they sell and to who. You can't make any laws with teeth until you identify all the players..data brokers are just some of them.

People trying to create laws have no data mechanics background or logic and thus everything I have seen will fail. Then we have our Consumer Protection Chief Bonehead wanting to build a complete US data base on all of our credit information..he's Algo Duped big time and needs to go as he's living in a virtual world and the correlations between Cordray and Sebelius are astounding..two dupers.


I called it two years ago with him just as I did with Sebelius in 2009, that Health IT would eat her up as she's competition to the extreme quants and business models used by insurance companies and it ate her up. Cordray's on the same path and we suffer. I would not expect much from FTC either as an index is needed in the form of a law requiring a license to sell data.

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