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A home test kit is wonderful for BV. There are already test kits for yeast infections and I always suggest that people use them to insure they are not treating a bacterial infection like a candida infection. That is the number 1 mistake I see.

Miriam Hopton

A very interesting article but I always feel that BV should be diagnosed by a physician to prevent misdiagnosis and subsequent mistreatment. However, I guess this has a place as an indicator and, as such, might prompt the woman to seek confirmation from a professional.

Steven Davies

Your information about bacterial vaginosis is unique.
There are a lot of things which I can learn from your post.


The prevalence numbers might reflect differences in definitions. From looking at PAP smears, bacterial vaginosis is about 10x more frequent than Candidiasis. If one defines vaginitis as a symptomatic infection, the numbers are much different. So both could be right.

As for the diagnostic accuracy of pH paper in the panties, consider it a screening test: useful, but not enough.

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