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Blake M.

Sure, Dr. Landa. Whatever you say.

Howard Landa, M.D. CMIO, KP Hawaii

If you want to know what I mean, all you have to do is ask...

There were some real downtime issues which--over the last few months--have been resolved," Landa said. "And Kaiser is having some financial difficulties, but that's not news. And there's no question it's cost more to implement than we've anticipated."
Translation: See above in which Epic describes system availability as 99.5%.

Re-Translation: There were significant issues with the IT infrastructure causing the downtimes WHICH HAVE BEEN SOLVED. Since then downtimes have been substantially reduced. The clinicians DO NOT view the amount of downtimes as a significant issue at at this point. We continue to strive to meet the goal of 99.8%
Landa explained that problems or confusion can be traced somewhat to the independent nature of the medical groups under Kaiser contract. "The old herding cats mentality is still there," he said.
Translation: When in doubt, blame the docs. This always plays well.

Re-Translation: Policies, procedures and practices that work are reluctantly abandoned unless hard data supports the change, and even then, change management is not a easy task. There is little true evidence based medicine for the majority of healthcare decisions. This was not intended to blame the physicians for being independent thinkers. WE take pride in being inventive, creative, and thinking outside the box.
Landa added that KP
HealthConnect will eventually serve as the model other organizations will follow. "As soon as we figure it out, the rest of the world will, too."
Translation: We are not exactly sure that this statement will make you feel better or that you are even working on the same problem.

Re-Translation: The first part of the statement related the goal of an integrated electronic health record coving ambulatory and in patient care, providing decision support as well as a personal health record for patients to access their own data, obtain reliable health information, and communicate with their healthcare providers. "As soon as we figure it out, the rest of the world will, too."

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