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Maria del Mar

I,too, had a bad experience at Labcorp. The lady who drew my blood could clearly see that my veins are very small. She stuck in a needle that was 2 times the size of what is appropriate for my vein size. Being that I considered her as the professional(for a brief few moments) I did not say anything. She then pulled the needle almost all the way out and pushed it back into the vein!!! It didn't lead to blood flow. Instead, it lead to a painful experiece resulting in a painful bruise. Next time I go to labcorp (because it seems to be the only choice for labs) I am going to ask for THE professional when I arrive!

C. B. Whittemore

Bruce, my LabCorp experience continues. I just posted about it at http://flooringtheconsumer.blogspot.com.

C. B. Whittemore

Thank you for picking up this LabCorp story and mentioning Flooring The Consumer. It's fascinating to read about the bigger blood drawing context. One clarification: my daughter is the one who said "squirt, squirt", not the phlebotomist.

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