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The PACS Designer

Another discipline where integration of medical specialties would be of benefit to practitioners and patients is cardiology. With the large volume of parameters in cancer and cardiology it makes sense for practitioners to form teams to provide the best of care for their patients through the elimination of duplicate lab tests, imaging procedures, and other treatment specialties. Cardiology is seeing CT scanners deployed which can give imaging information that will avoid the need for invasive cardiology procedures. Cancer researchers can collaborate more effectively when they have the complete history of treatments their patients have received from multiple disciplines.

bev M.D.

Dr. Friedman;

That is an excellent idea. I have read your many posts on this concept and have been thinking to myself, it'll be a cold day in Hades when that happens in the private arena, from where I retired. But what better place to test it than in a cancer hospital, where it is already occurring on an informal basis? Give your next conference speech on that topic; maybe it'll get some traction.

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