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JDL Nolen

This distracted squirrel could not agree more. I find myself reading more abstracts and only diving deep into the article when absolutely necessary. It has become more of a game of "Where can I find it?" and not "How can I remember it?" An interesting parallel is how the world of medical knowledge is slowly moving down the "long tail" path that the entertainment industry has blazed. Thanks to the Web 2.0 world, the emphasis has shifted away from ownership of content in a rigid context (think CDs or journal articles) and towards increased access to mutable content (think mp3s or blogs). Now if we can just speed up the dissemination of results and the ease of collaboration...

The PACS Designer

My posts here and on HIStalk are brief and to the point along with the links where the information can be perused so that the reader can decide for themselves what additional information they want to seek. TPD also finds that only certain segments of posts/websites attract TPD's attention.

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