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Jared Schwartz MD PhD

Bruce you are correct I have been preaching to pathologists, pathology educators and hospital leaders of the potential value of reinvigorating the autopsy using modern technologic tools. Imaging combined with Fine needle aspiration and the promise of molecular diagnostics could result in a minimally invasive autopsy or no autopsy in the traditional sense in some cases. Lets not forget other tools such as laproscopes. High resolution CT imaging for autopsy is occurring at a few research/military facilities in a few countries. Unfortunately i have not been able yet to convince our health system to be an alpha site for this procedure. We need to continue to try and educate healthcare leaders that a modern autopsy using all the tools available would without doubt renew the autopsy as an important part of improving the quality of health care. BUT unless a financial model can be developed to show the savings through improved outcomes few hospitals will invest in the research needed to demonstrate whether our belief of imaging improving the autopsy and autopsy rates is correct. I am an optimist and thus convinced that soon a few brave insitutions will step forward.

Brian Jackson


You have some great ideas in this blog, but this one in particular is an absolute winner. As a resident I despised autopsies because they're archaic and provide so little educational or medical value. I absolutely cringe when I see articles from pathologists claiming otherwise. Your proposal covers all the bases. I hope this idea gets some traction.


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