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Rob Bush

Not long ago, lab managers were the decision makers when the time came to purchase an LIS. Today that is changing, and the CIO seems to play an equal (if not more powerful) roll in decision making.

Slowly, LIS vendors are showing up at HIMSS to make contact with the CIO. In the future, you should expect that trend to continue. But to find lab managers, HIMSS isn’t a good show. Lab managers would prefer to spend their travel budget attending conventions that offer more than just a chance to see LIS software. LabInfoTech offers lab managers a wealth of presentations on lab subjects that isn’t offered at HIMSS. CLMA and AACC do as well.

All companies look at the return on our investment. As one of those LIS vendors you reference, I can tell you HIMSS is an expensive show for the number and quality of leads generated there.

Ole Eichhorn

Very interesting observation, Bruce.

And yet, it seemed as if the LIS vendors' presence at USCAP keeps increasing, and that conference is becoming more technical...

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