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René Spronk

Hmm.. whilst SOA as an integration paradigm is certainly on the increase (it has its obvious benefits) one should realize that regardless of the systems integration paradigm one has to standardize the format of the medical content which is passed as part of a service call. So whether one uses a HL7 model in combination with a messaging paradigm (a solution you call an expensive one) or a model (which could also be HL7) in a SOA paradigm - one wull still have to agree upon a shared model for the data that is shared between applications.

As such there is no difference between SOA or a messaging paradigm: if you have software solutions from multiple vendors, they'll have to agree upon a common data and service model, and the end user will have to pay for the functionality. I see no reason why SOA should less expensive than traditional messaging interfaces. After all - it's the exact same problem, with just a slightly different technological solution. The problem is however not a technological one - it is agreeing upon a standard workflow, and agreeing upon a common data model.


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