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Mark Terry

I'm the author of the article in question, a freelance writer as well as market researcher and analyst in the areas of clinical diagnostics, biotechnology and healthcare.

Although I don't disagree with your definitions in general, they are very, very broad, which poses a lot of difficulties in terms of market research and analysis.

DTC, Direct-To-Consumer, would include pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, even blood sugar urine strips and test kits, which is a very different market (and market size) than DAT, Direct Access Testing, which is typically referring to Minute Clinics and Doc-in-The-Box or online services that provide laboratory testing without a physician's order, but generally send the samples to an independent laboratory (most often LabCorp and/or Quest Diagnostics). The exception would be certain types of waived test kits like those for Strep throat. One of the problems with some of these kits, however, is a very high false negative rate, but that's a different topic entirely.

Mark Terry, writer

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