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I've been using a smart phone for the past 4 years (no, not an iPhone, the other kind, the one without the hype).

My experience with phones in Medicine is very discouraging. Essentially, about 80% of my colleagues flatly refuse to use a cell phone for work. They support a total ban on cell phones in the hospital because they hate when a patient's phone rings.

They also know very little about the technology. I have tried for more than one year to convince the hospital to page me via text messages but the phone operators, who use only traditional desk telephones, refuse because I am the only physician out of 150 asking for this.

In terms of communication technology, our mid-sized Canadian hospital and its staff insist on using 1980's technology. Forget smart phones.


eHit' a great company and well worth checking out.

You'll be getting some of this in the USA soon too - check out http://www.qualcomm.com/innovation/stories/lifecomm.html

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