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I think that whatever makes the most economic sense will naturally come to pass. The acceptability of the practice for the pathologist will not be an issue.

Anonymous M.D.

I cannot speak from the horse's mouth, but can only relate the experience of a former partner of mine. He read or consulted on most all the GI biopsies in our hospital-based group of six. He was specially trained in GI pathology, he was the only one who liked reading them, and he regularly found stuff we didn't recognize. We both eventually left the group, and he joined a large group of gastroenterologists as a full partner, personally constructed a lab computer system which meets all their needs (including a stellar QA component), and supervises several other GI pathologists. He is happy as a clam, and so are his GI partners. This is not a "pod lab" as he is a full partner in their group. What is wrong with this?

P.S.: I wish to remain anonymous because I am posting this note without his knowledge or permission.

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