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Sodium carbonate is also used as a relatively strong base in various settings. For example, sodium carbonate is used as a pH regulator to maintain stable alkaline conditions necessary for the action of the majority of developing agents.

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Many traditions have a recognizable cuisine, a specific set of cooking traditions using various spices or combinations of flavors unique to that culture.


Riddle me this then Terry, with all due respect: are not these proposals (in regards to 'soda' directed solely towards the traditional, full-sugared varients? Avoiding the straw man of 'we don't know about health effects of artificial sweetners'), I really don't see much a down side to these proposals. True, they likely won't often apply to 'me', as I came to the realization about needing to switch to 'diet drinks' some years ago....but the benefits would be real. The only argument that I can really see against is two-fold: it's unconstitutional (debatable) and (the scary part) opens doors for the now ludicrous sounding theories you mention on when would the proverbial line be drawn? I could go into a much deeper discussion on this, about economic/trade balance theories to support our decreased use of corn in such manners (from having to import corn syrup, having to pay our farmers to produce corn product of this ilk and not more edible and universally more healthy, etc.)...but, really, where's the harm?


Tax, Tax, Tax... why stop at just pop and bottled water. We aren't we taxing the fat dripping from a hamburger or the air we breath. The idea that we can tax for social benefit means, that those who are high minded can tax behaviors they deem disgusting. The folks hurt most by the tax will be the poor but hey, we’ll feel better about it.

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