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RAD 365 Solutions

It is a good article about Tele radiology. Nice Posting.

Teleradiology Service

Thanks for sharing :)

Sean Kowaliw

Great breakdown of the press release (as I put a lot of time into it). For us, an integrated dictation platform was mandatory (not just sufficient) for us to make sure that our radiologists were operating efficiently. Without an integrated dictation soluiton our radiologists had to take too many manual steps to get reports back to our clients. Our PACS does a great job of workflow management, which is a bit beyond the scope of normal PACS so a web based dictation solution just had to be a good solid lightweight application that didnt get in the radiologists way. IDS was in direct opposition to the "heavier" dictation applications that had much more than we needed in terms of functionality, especially in a distributed environment. The fact that IDS is an ASP model made it that much easier to deploy and implement. As an organization, we have enough hardware to manage and worry about. Letting the vendor do the heavy lifting along with a speedy implementation is more than worth giving up some of the control of the application.
Again, thanks for taking the time to review the release.

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