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Brian M.

As a physician in a hospital setting with a CompSci background I am sensing a need for a company to bridge the gap for where EPIC leaves off and the end user begins. EPIC and Meditech are great... to a point... but fail to tailor their globo software for Dr. X's office practice, etc... or for Dr bla's style of practice. If epic will not allow clients to "tinker" with their software... then clients need a software solution that seamlessly appears to do so without any backdoor knowledge or support. I am contemplating a start up company. Anyone with interest and skills in this area should contact me.


Old post I know, but this post ranks for MUMPS so I figured it wouldn't be wasted.

"is virtually unknown in other IT business sectors because it was developed so long ago"

Actually, MUMPS is fairly well known as being the quintessentially horrible language. http://thedailywtf.com/Articles/A_Case_of_the_MUMPS.aspx

Scott R. Lauber

Of course, this assumes that EPIC maintains excellence in keeping up with all the nuances of health care business and clinical process and particulary adaptive to the industry and client's new and ongoing needs. No flexibility on the client side, even given EPIC's current success, does not sound like a marketplace success model to me for the long term.

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