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Rebecca Owens

I agree with idea of diagnostic summaries, as this will lead to comprehensive care. With multiple systems and multiple vendors, it will take an informatics approach to bringing all textual and image based data together. Then there is security of transferring that data and security of the data at rest; the first being most complicated. We need more Pathologists leading this effort and understanding that they must integrate more thoroughly. It all comes down to what tools can be used, how much and how to implement.

lee steve

great piece/article just thought id say thanks

Suren Avunjian

Great Article! We had built an integrated reporting feature in to the LigoLab AP/LIS last quarter of 2009, for a large reference laboratory. It is widely used by hematopathologist, reports can be combined from multiple sources and a final report delivered via PDF or HL7.


Help lead the crusade! Whereas I agree that your advocacy is progressive and forward-thinking, I really can't fathom many seriously doubting a trajectory of diagnostic aggregation. I know, the road will be long and winding, but in the spirit of patient care, as well as in stewardship of the mighty healthcare dollar, integrated diagnostics is an all win solution.

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