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One thing to consider is that journalist are liable to what they publish. They are part of a corporation, and their lively hood is tied to the quality and accuracy of what they publish. Bloggers (not employed by a company to blog) on the other hand are mostly liable to only themselves and their reputation. While being liable to yourself may be enough for some bloggers to ensure their quality and accuracy is on par with that of journalist, it is my understanding that there is very little repercussion if they unintentionally or intentionally post inaccurate information.

Colette Knuth

The term blog no longer adequately describes how this online publishing technology is being applied. Nearly all of the online newspapers use blog technology but no one would consider them a blog. I've always understood a blog to be a personal journal -- a personal journal that I was allowed to read. I decided to publish Verity Reports, my online news brief (which is still in draft form), as a blog because it supported my intention of updating it whenever I found it to be necessary. The concept of a magazine or newsletter is much too static for online publishing.

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