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It might be working 'pretty good' with Epic for some, but how many other facilities out there have spent the money on an Epic system and have in fact had a need to utilize additional software, only to be told "it has to be one system?" http://www.meaningfulhitnews.com/2009/05/23/vendors-this-is-your-wake-up-call/

If the govt is going to divvy out cash to encourage EHR use, vendors' products had better be able to talk to one another. Otherwise, the govt may as well just dictate one system that every facility uses, and that certainly wouldn't be in anyone's interest but the govt's and that one vendor. In order to increase their efficiency and productivity and also provide more value to patients, many facilities want and need more choice and flexibility than that. As more and more open source technology and innovative niche 3rd party applications become available, I think it would be disastrous if a single proprietary system so heavily monopolized the market. We need more flexibility, not less.

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I believe its working prety good with epic emr.

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