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Seattle IT Services

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Jesus Ellin

This is a great question to see if the transition of the labs basic functionality is going to the EMR. This wouls require the EMR to be commitent in managing emergning lab workflows and intrumentation. Pathology is an insteresting animal indeed, I agree we are seeing a convergence of a future Tidil wave of APLIS/informatics/ technology coming our way. But what you have not indicated is the preparation needed by the staff inorder to make this successful deployment. I believe the biggest achillies hill to why the shift occured was the reluctancy of having strong IT foundations within the core laboratory. This in part as seen the LIS at the time a way of automation and efficincy and not know what the data ment for the future. If the Pathology community can grasp this concept at an early age we would be able to shift back ownership to where its intent is and that is the Anatomic Pathology Department. It is true shifting of testing within the pathology comnmunity is going to go to the larger more equiped laboratories, but the quality is going to have to be standardized from the outlying laboratories inorder to get this model to work. We already see huge disconnection with tissue bio banks and outside laboratories. But the future does rest with the Pathologist and their support staff

Electronic Medical Records

Once all of the doctors are able to get their information and techniques in order I really think that the EMR systems are going to help the economy and the health care field become more efficient.

Adam Peters

I can certainly see number 2, 'a set of new vendors will arise to support -omics and digital pathology' happening. Prior to or shortly after the start of number 3, 'these new systems will be selected, purchased, and installed by and in pathology;' will be a period of consolidation and acquisitions of these new vendors by the large suite/enterprise vendors. Many of these enterprise solutions were seperate succesful software products cobbled together and made to appear the same. If there is a market for the -omics and digital path products I'm sure the big EMR vendors are either working on a solution they can sell or watching to see what which new solutions work and will work well within thier suite.

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