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Breast Implant

FDA has warned French company about thesilicone implants. Read to know more


Following months of scandal and media scrutiny, conclusive reports show a more positive result for women who had PIP silicone implant. Investigation made known that the materials used in these implants, even if they are low grade, are not toxic and poses no threat to human health.

liposuction new york

They should really take this matter seriously, if not I'm sure that people will get angry.

breast implants safety

It isn't just a single case with that PIP guy. These things happen all over the world and nobody wants to admit that having breast implants isn't safe at all. It leads to a ton of health problems, including cancer. It's just unnatural for our bodies to have an alien object in it and the body starts to fight it, rejecting and causing inflammation, rotting and cancer tumors. It's just unsafe and I hope that people will eventually realize it.

Dennis Rode

This current controversy taught me something: be cautious of anything that is cheap because it may be of lesser quality. I hope plastic surgeons would be more vigilant now in choosing the right device to ensure the safety and effectiveness of a procedure.

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