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Open Standards

Per the Epic technical manual, EpicCare Everywhere is the following:

1. For Epic institutions, it is an XML file containing Epic proprietary extenstions to the continuity of care document.

2. For non-Epic institutions, it is an XML file containing the standard continuity of care document.

Both of the above are variations of the same theme: the CCD document, an XML marked up document with the demographic, medication, medical history, and most recent encounter data abstracted from the EMR.

There is nothing particularly innovative about EpicCare Everywhere. In fact, it is a Mearningful Use requirement for any EMR vendor to have CCD export capability.

In this regard, all the 400+ MU certified EMRs in the U.S. have this functionality.

A CCD document is vastly different than an HIE, which is an independent server that acts as a translation broker.

The whole point of the CCD is to enable point-to-point transfer of a common standard machine readable summary of the patients data as a handoff document between any and all EMR.

In this regard, EpicCare specifically breaks the standard CCD form, and makes it incompatible with the rest of the 400+ EMRs in the USA by adding their proprietary extensions.

This is consistent with Epic's proprietary, one-vendor-shop, non-interoperability stance. The statement that "any hospital can interoperate with EpicCare Everywhere - just so long as they are an Epic institution" aptly summarizes this.

Again, the proprietary extension to the CCD by Epic means that the 400+ certified EMR's in the USA won't interoperate with Epic's EMR, because these 400+ EMRs adhere to the government mandated open standard CCD XML form and Epic doesn't.

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