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web data mining

Thanks for such an informative article and the extensive explanation, it's been very useful.


Exactly how can we trust that other software companies are not doing the exact same thing? We live in an age of opportunism, and Practice Fusion's bold faced honesty is grimly refreshing. I also strongly question what the cost of the intellectual property associated with EMR software will be AFTER the government stops reimbursing new adopters. To what degree have government incentives driven the cost (perceived value) of the EMR market? Food for thought.


What patients also don't realize is that their email address is given to Practice Fusion and within a day of a visit to a provider they will send you an email.

At first glance this is great.. the patient experience is critical to high quality care but I know of at least one case where a patient was seen by a psychiatrist and was very upset to get an email from Practice Fusion the next day to their personal email account (which included their name).

When they asked the provider about it the provider told them to go find someone new because they liked their free EHR. (more than protecting the patients PHI?)


Hi Bruce - Thanks for the mention yesterday and today. We're proud of our innovative business model at Practice Fusion. Being ad-supported means we can deliver free technology (worth at least $30k a year) to any medical provider in the US at no cost. As for data, you can read more about our Research Division at www.practicefusion.com/research

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about our EHR system!

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