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My reaction to this is both as a patient, a clinical social worker in private practice, and as the wife of a primary care physcian. Having worked with and watched firsthand, the PCP's complex role, it will be impossible for nurses to deliver the same quality care as doctors. It is a simple fact that the more years of training provide greater insight, perspective and knowledge. As a cancer survivor, it was my own primary care doctor who discovered my thyroid nodule. I came for a check up feeling fine, expecting to be sent home, not to be seen for another year. And finally, as an allied health professional myself in private practice, it has become more difficult to remain in practice with Obama having lowered the reimbursements. So if fewer MD's enter primary care, and the quality of care is lowered, what makes anyone think that nurses will survive any more than the doctors and social workers? It all sounds good for the patients'coverage but with no support from the government, nurses will not survive financially any better than primary care doctors!

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