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If you are hired by a hospital and become Epic certified, what options do you have to find a new job if your spouse is transferred by their employer out of state? Is that enough reason to not get dinged by Epic? If not, I would have to live away from my spouse for almost two years.

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However, if you have broken their non-compete agreement and they find out, they go to great lengths to make sure you won't find another job with any of their clients. Some clients are smart enough to exploit you and hire you anyways but you are at a loss in terms of your career,etc. Lots of lies will revolve around your career and if you are on a work visa,etc, imagine how hard it will be to find another job. It is just too sleazy for Epic to do all this crap behind the scenes. Well, they have to do this because a lot of people before who ran into this situation have sued them and settled legally. So, Epic has to do these behind the scenes crap for you to not be employed by their clients and reduce the billing of their technical services people.

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