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To those in CNA Training yes people can make mistakes. However, it is our ethics that should drive us to speak up when we do see that someone is not engaging in best practice standards. We are working with real people and the choices, actions, even our words impact others. It should be noted that this was not due to a provider being overworked, burned out or tired. I know I was there with my sister. This provider's personality and desire to make move ahead, the greed was the downfall here. Remember with any illness or stressful situation one's perceived outcome will impact progress. My sister did not have a form of leukemia she had a rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She was diagnosed at age 8 and was not expected to live more than 4 months at most. She lived past that milestone, went into remission twice with one round only treated with chemo and the second round treated with only radiation. She was 17, had to undergo exploratory thoracic surgery to assess any damage from chemo to primary organs. It had been determined that she would undergo both chemo and radiation treatment together as both had worked separately. Unfortunate she and my mother were killed in a car crash returning from radiation treatment. Life can teach us many things and if my experience can help others have a different perspective of a situation then I will never hesitate to speak out! Thanks for letting me go on....

CNA Training

Everyone could make mistake. And we have to manage it. Don't be greedy. If you can rest and let someone handle the work then give it. Manage those risks. It is about life.

Niya Bradley-Johnson

Who do we contact. I feel for the families who are still struggling with this on a daily basis. Unfortunately, my daughter didn't survive this. Saddens me to even have to re-think and re-live this pain.

Types of Cancer

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