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John Lynn - EMR and HIPAA

"Computer technology was intended to emancipate physicians from the drudgery of entering hand-written notes into the paper chart."

Fascinating to consider. It's replaced one challenge with another. Although, let's not devalue the benefit of legible notes. Plus, an EMR can actually track better than paper who charts what if the audit systems are built properly.

However, you're right about many doctors disdain for entering notes in EHR. Most don't see it much better than writing in paper charts. In fact, I describe the coming EHR physician revolt against turning doctors into data entry clerks: http://www.emrandhipaa.com/emr-and-hipaa/2013/02/05/the-coming-physician-ehr-revolt/

Edilberto Durano

This simplified article on such a complex subject is very insightful in its lucidity.
Ed of DocuScanAmerica.com

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