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Joe Plandowski

Hospital-employed physicians is a concept that was tried before and failed miserably. However, let's assume times have changed and it will work this time around.

I read the reference article and did not find any information on the size of physician groups becoming employees of hospital systems. I suspect this is generally happening with smaller sized groups (2 to 4 physicians) because the cost of operating a small practice is too great. However, lots of groups are getting very large because they are attracting physicians who can't make it alone and do not want to be hospital employed. The independent practices standing when the dust settles will have 50 to 200 or more physicians and will be a formitable force in their marketplaces.

Joe Plandowski

Murilo Melo

I am surprised that the need to implement an EMR is such a prevalent motive, as there are some apparently adequate free cloud-based solutions. The argument of productivity is interesting. As tablet hand-writing recognition software becomes better, their use with a more structured approach (for patient info, vitals, etc) may be something to look for. In the long-run, this employment tendency may lower salaries as we have seen in Brazil.

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