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Medical Quack

One other side of this addressed by Professor Siefe at NYU of course is the privacy issues which I keep telling all that data selling is an epidemic out there today with our personal data and he hits on some good points with bringing together how Google makes money with data and the disclosure on the 23AndMe website, so another avenue of all of this up for discussion too.

I have my small campaign to license and excise tax data sellers as first of all we need an index and that would be in the form of buying a license and secondly, the excise tax would help generate revenue on folks like the banks, Walgreens (who makes about a billion a year selling data) and so on.

You don't know who's going to be partnering with who these days or what subsidiary of a big corporation for that matter and what they do with the data..and it is getting more flawed all the time. I see the FDA with the education side of this as well, but the data selling aspect is almost even scarier as a whole.



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