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Severely underpricing tests is the best way to try to capture huge contracts ( DOD anyone?) and to get marketshare away from the The Big Two (Q & LC). They still have lots of vc cash to keep this going, but it will be disastrous for them once they raise prices


I thought their Arizona lab was also fully operational. Why reference routine labs to UCSF/ARUP rather than just off to Arizona?.....


They also have larger issues with CMS according to today's news: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/28/business/theranos-lab-found-in-violation-of-clinical-standards.html?_r=0


Can't imagine they are making much money on the tests they are running IN HOUSE either if they are using equipment and reagents from traditional IVD vendors like Siemens given Theranos's "disruptively" low prices to their customers. I would assume their prices to customers were based on the total cost per test using their Eduson device to run the tests. But of course since late last year, at least, except for one low volume test, they have NOT been using their Edison devices.

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