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Joel Duckworth

Dr. Sirgi, I hope that any interaction you have had with a member of our team at Philips Digital Pathology has not resulted in a used car salesman approach. We are working diligently to acquire the proper talent to act as educators of the technology first, and commercial people second. Of course when a company like Philips makes a substantial investment in developing a solution as well as the investment for FDA clearance (well into the double digit millions) we need to make sure this is recouped via sales. We are finding the C-suite is no heavily involved in this decision making, and its our job along with the pathologists to educate at that level as well.

Karim Sirgi MD MBA

It is true that Digital Pathology Vendors could play a more active role in "educating" their pathology clients about the many operational and financial benefits associated with digital pathology. However, in order to do so, they need to have on their staff, or as part of their own consultants, "real-life" pathologists who work is settings relevant to such digital pathology deployments. This has not been my experience when interacting with the various major vendors of such technology. Previous interactions with many of them reminded me of similar interactions I had with car salesmen who tried to emphasize the cosmetics of a vehicle, not knowing much about the functionality of it (a-la "have you seen how great the tires look?"). A quick search on Google usually gave me more information about a car I was interested in than any conversation with a car salesman. I found the same hollowness in my conversations with most digital pathology equipment vendors ... and found myself in the unusual situation where I had to tell THEM about the unadvertised and underdiscovered features of THEIR products ... I hope things have changed since then ...

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