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Dr Branko Perunovic


Thank you for mentioning our development in your blog.

One correction only, as LabMed Director I have only helped "moving furniture out of the way" so the eConsult development team could do their job. The real credit for this development goes to Dr Raza Mohammad, Dr Helena Parsons and Mr David Drew. Our objective was to develop, prototype and scale up the backend software product which will use standard ICE requesting capabilities of our OrderComms at the clinical user end (i.e. no additional software, just a new form to request a consultation in the same way one would request a test) to:
1. facilitate better patient care and better support for clinical users (integration of a Q&A session in the patient record so available to all parties involved in care and across the boundaries of care, avoid duplication of inquiries as patient moves through the system, avoid phone queues and keep the lines open for what is really urgent, re-routing the query to the right person...)
2. Provide a better working environment for the LabMed clinical and scientific teams (better management of time, working of site/from home...)
3. Understand issues and improve service (have a better record of common issues that require lab support and organise training and education around those, record and itemise previously intangible postanalytical support provided by LabMed clinicians and scientist in order to better plan workforce....)



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